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Delphis Association
For The marine mammals

About three decades of experience in research and education for the preservation of marine mammals brought the leading researchers in the field in Israel, together with volunteers, to establish the association, with the vision before their eyes: maintaining stable marine mammal populations in Israel and recognizing their living environment as an essential national resource

גל אפור
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The Dolphin and the Sea Center

The Delphis Educational Center, the only one of its kind in the Middle East, offers a rare glimpse into the world of marine mammals

סירה שטה בים
White binoculars

Have you encountered a marine mammal? Report us!

Every sighting report is added to our database and helps to protect the marine mammals living along the coast of Israel

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Julia project

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Returning the seals to Israel

Julia's visit sharpened the importance of raising awareness of this rare species and the need to protect it. The Delphis educational program, which will enter the education system in 2024, is part of the project that will allow the return of the Mediterranean monk seals to Israel

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What's new

All the interesting news and updates in the field - in Israel and in the world - are now on our blog

Visitors wrote about the visit to the center

סיור חוץ במרכז הדולפין והים

"It was excellent and very interesting, the students showed interest, it was just perfect"

Sheetri singer, 2nd grade teacher at "Yitzhak Rabin" school, Ashdod  —

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