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גל אפור

The Dolphin and the Sea Center

A glimpse into the wonderful world of marine mammals in Israel

The maritime educational center, the only one of its kind in the Middle East, reveals to visitors the story of the Israeli dolphin and the secrets of the Mediterranean Sea and its inhabitants. Through a variety of tours and activities that take place in and around it, visitors are introduced to the magnificent world of marine mammals and the rich ecosystem of the Mediterranean Sea, as well as the human impact on this system. In the center is an impressive display of skeletons of whales, dolphins and other marine mammals.






The Dolphin and the Sea Center, which operates on behalf of the Delphis Association - for the Marine Mammals, was established in 2016 at the Ort-Ashdod Naval Officers School, in cooperation with the Port of Ashdod and with the assistance of the Ashdod Municipality and the Union of Cities for the Environment of the Yavneh-Ashdod Region, on the southern bank of the Lakish Stream, near the park the ecological Why exactly in Ashdod? Well, not many people know, but in front of the beautiful beaches of the city there lives permanently an impressive population of dolphins, especially a dolphin of the common dolphin species, which is defined as endangered in the Mediterranean Sea.

This fact, in addition to the dizzying success of the "Feeling the Sea" activity organized in the city's kindergartens, led to the establishment of the educational center in Ashdod.

The center currently offers a variety of activities - for organizations, companies and groups - from company events and lectures to conferences and integrated guided tours - in the center and the nearby river. At the beginning of 2023, the association was included as a content provider in the Ministry of Education, and the set of activities it offers now also appears as part of the GFN program, which is compatible with the Ministry's educational program in all areas of life (environmental sciences, biology, etc.).

As part of the tour of the Dolphin and Sea Center, we develop the students' sense of responsibility towards the environment, and their sense of their ability to make their mark and bring about change.

The educational activities of Delphis are at the disposal of the principals of the schools throughout the country, and you can reach us for organized tours on behalf of the schools directly through the Gepan system (number 26279 in the system).


To book tours - You can contact us directly in the message box or by phone: 054-9960171 (Sunday-Thursday, 17:00-8:00).

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