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Spinner Dolphins
גל אפור

About Us

Delphis is a non-profit organization, established by researchers, environmental activists and volunteers, who are at the forefront of activities for marine mammals in Israel. The founders of Delphis are the pioneers of research in this field in Israel having accumulated and proven experience for almost fifty years. The leaders of the association were among the founders of the IMMRAC Association (The Center for Research, information and assistance to marine mammals in Israel) and its pillars of support for over two decades.

In 2018, with the implementation in the field of the new fishing regulations and the publication of the Nature and Parks Authority's program for the promotion of marine nature reserves, ideological disagreements arose between “Mahmali” members, which led to the retirement of the key figures from “Mahmali” to establish an independent association who views the protection of the marine environment as a supreme value. The founders of the association see environmental education as one of the most important ways to nurture the next generation and raise awareness of the sea and life in it.

The founders of the Delphis Association, which was established in the summer of 2020, continue to lead the activities of the Dolphin and Sea Center, established by them in 2016 at the ORT Ashdod Naval Officers' School complex, and actively work for marine mammals in Israel. These ventures continue through education and information activities at the unique educational center, and the promotion of civic science research as well as national and international collaboration with environmental organizations and any organization working for the same goals.

Delphis aims to pave the way for the next generation of marine mammal researchers, conservationists and policymakers, and to emphasize the importance of advancing legislation for marine mammals - both nationally and internationally.

In recent years we have witnessed a welcome change among decision makers and the general public and recognition of Israel's maritime space as an essential resource for our lives. We at Delphis welcome this and work to the best of our ability to ensure that the marine environment is protected and continues to be home to all marine creatures, especially marine mammals.

We Need You

Delphis is a non-profit organization whose existence depends on its many donations and volunteers. We invite you to join the list of donors to the association, and help us safeguard the marine mammals in Israel.

As an NPO, Delphis exercises full transparency maintaining certification for donations in accordance with section 46 of the Income Tax Ordinance. Most of the donations to the organization are currently pledged to educational and outreach activities at the Maritime Educational Center, the only one of its kind in the Middle East - the Dolphin and Sea Center, established in 2016 in Ashdod (a city with a dolphin population, a species endangered in the
Mediterranean). A significant portion of the donations from 2016 to 2020 was devoted to the purpose of upgrading and updating the display at the center. In addition, at present almost every excursion out to sea for research purposes is
funded either by a vessel of a club or a yacht owned by private individuals.
Beyond that, in order to advance legislation to protect marine mammals, we are in need of financial contributions that will help us hire workers for the specific needs relating to each specific research activity.

Donations can be transferred via credit cards, the PayPal payment service, bank transfer or the Paybox app

(to the phone number 054-9960171).

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