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Anocha's designed trays are a unique work of art, carefully created by hand, and give a special, delicate and luxurious touch to every meeting and hospitality style and to every space in the house.

It is an elegant means of serving refreshments - a tray for perfect hospitality, for placing glasses and keys at the entrance to the house, on the bedside table, for placing jewelry on the dressing table, for toiletries in the bathroom and more.


A beautiful, high-quality and useful gift that can be given to friends and family.

The trays, which attract the eye with their colorfulness, combine the warmth of the wood in its natural texture with the lively tones of the epoxy, with the effect of waves and the sea.


Recommended: a perfect addition to the tray - a pair of shells made of handmade natural concrete.

The beautiful pair of shells adds A unique charm of the sea for every space in the house. The shells can be used as a unique salt and pepper shaker.



* The price does not include additional home delivery (the option must be selected in the delivery options during checkout"Delivery to the house" or choose self-collection. The other shipping options are not available for this product).

An elegant tray for perfect entertaining

PriceFrom ₪140.00
20 Centimeters

ברכישה מעל 200 שקלים קבלו 10% הנחה בפעילות הקיץ

A selection of colors to choose from
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