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Cutting boards that are a work of functional art: each cutting board is created and designed by personal hand that combines the natural texture of quality wood with lively tones that illustrate the flow of the sea and the foam of the waves.


Each item is unique!


The special cutting board gives an elegant and luxurious touch to hospitality gatherings.


The cutting boards are durable in daily use and made of standard approved materialsFDA CFR 175.300for contact with food. The epoxy used is of the highest level, with durability and features that neutralize color fading or yellowing. Heat resistant and high strength so it won't lose its quality finish over time.

It is highly recommended to cut on the reverse side and serve on the artistic side.


Care and cleaning instructions:

Clean with a wet cloth or with a little soap and water if necessary.

Dry immediately after washing.

Do not put in the dishwasher. Washing it in the dishwasher can damage the wood and cause it to warp and crack.

Do not place in a sink full of water for the same reason.



* The price does not include additional home delivery (the option must be selected in the delivery options during checkout"Delivery to the house - within 72 hours" or choose self-collection. The other shipping options are not available for this product).

A cutting board that is a work of art

PriceFrom ₪250.00